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מנותק sork

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עזרה במענה לשמאלני\ערבי בפורום
« ב- : ינואר 26, 2009, 15:20:14 »
This punk probabley thinks he has a divine right to steal from the goyim aswell
or that spraying a school yard full of of kids with white phosphourous
(a chemical that burnes to the bone) in gaza is ok cos god told me so in the talmud.
This overt enemy tries to lie to you and rewrite history so his brethren can justify
their theft of gentile wealth and murder of gentiles,

THE FACTS: Palestine has existed for time imemorial even before the muslim conquest of al shaam(palestine,syria)
 under muslim rule jews, christians and muslims lived under relatively secure and peaceful conditions
it was never ever known as israel(12 tribes).
Towards the end of the 19th century british zionist jews
with the help of rothschild finance subverted the ottoman caliphate
and used british military to seize the arab provinces "palestine" and used turkish jewery
to secularise turkey at the same time their agent hitler had created sympathy for jewery in europe
 in 1948 lord balfour (jew and rothschild agent) authorised a mandate for hundreds of thousands of european jews
(ashkenazim descended from russia and hence not semites)
to flood palestine this involved the genocide and deportation of indiginous arabs
i consider this a rascist criminal act which created the decleration of israel as a state!
this guy sork obviously thinks i and probably you aswell are stupid goys who dont know shit
cos thats what he learned in his training to lie and cheat and consider gentiles as inferior.
unjustmedia and uk lockdown are good sources and i dont hate all jews
many jews are against the fascist ideology of zionism as much as me
but that many of sork and his kind think they are superior in race and inteligence
makes him an enemy of mine he uses the magen star
i bet he doesnt know its an occultist symbol popularised by masons and satanists in mid ages
and has fuck all to do with the lost tribes of israel either.
Dont get me started on british israelism in high street banks now!
Point in case:england isnt run by british people for british people wether black,brown or white gaelic!
England is a stepping stage for a world dictatorship of international zion via washington and eventually jerusalem
as the seed of david (well rothschild) takes his throne.
washington is the military arm, london the financial arm and jerusalem the spiritual arm.
the city of london is controlled by jewish bankers the rothschilds and others
this is the real crown and dictates to parliment laws and policy but is not accountable to parliment,
political parties are approved according to their usefullness to the rothschilds and are of course infiltrated,
so wether its labour or tory or whatever they have to agree to keep us in slaverey to the bank of england
(jewish private banks funded by taxpayers) who also manipulate commodoty markets worldwide
and they will win the election oh going to war is a nice earner for the rothschilds
so they have to be prepared to lie and deploy military means,
continous removal of rights and liberty is also necessary
to contain the increasingly dispondent masses ie british citizens in the name of fighting terrorism.
control of media and education is also taken care of so the dumb goyim get dumber n dumber.
the loyalty is to israel and zion not england even the so called bnp are loyal to zion
if not they would all be in belmarsh for so called anti semitism or terrorism by now.
Thats all for now next episode i will be exposing the rothchild agents in political parties.

עכשיו, אני יודע טוב מאוד איך לענות לו ויש לי הרבה מה להגיד פשוט האנגלית שלי לא ברמה כזאת שאני יכול לענות לו כראוי ואני מפחד שאני עוד בטעות יכתוב משהו לא נכון או יוציא א עצמי לא בסדר אז אם מישהו יכול לעזור לי ולכתוב לו תשובה מפורטת עם העובדות והדוגמאות והכל באנגלית גבוהה אני יודה לו מאוד
סידרתי קצת, אני אוהב
אחים באמת

הייתי כותב לך, אך...
פשוט הגיעה הזמן ללכת לתורנות מטבח
« עריכה אחרונה: ינואר 26, 2009, 17:12:16 על ידי אחים באמת »

מנותק El Blanco

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עזרה במענה לשמאלני\ערבי בפורום
« להגיב #1 ב- : ינואר 26, 2009, 18:19:21 »
לא הבנתי אחי
אתה רוצה לתת תשובה בעברית ושיתרגמו לך?
או אתה רוצה שפשוט תשובה באנגלית?

מנותק sork

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עזרה במענה לשמאלני\ערבי בפורום
« להגיב #2 ב- : ינואר 26, 2009, 21:23:59 »
פשוט תשובה באנגלית

מנותק Juda-Yoda

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עזרה במענה לשמאלני\ערבי בפורום
« להגיב #3 ב- : ינואר 27, 2009, 21:34:16 »
תגיד לו את זה.
i will cut off your foundation and all the other rubbish that i dont have the will to read will fall from themselves...
there was plishtim in the biblical time....totally diffrent people and he was destroyed by kingdom of israel by shaol david and salomon.
they lived in the gaza strip then spread little bit to shaol kingdom then the other kings conquer the land back and gaza.
anyways palastine come to reality in the begining in the 19th century as you said when they heared we going back to claim what is rightufully us to keep.
they pick that name from our bible that speaking english dudes will think its the same people but they've left room to doubt for you dont blame them in the lie....in english its palestine and pelastine if im not mistaken....
in hebrew its falastin and plishtim....
« עריכה אחרונה: ינואר 27, 2009, 21:37:04 על ידי Juda-Yoda »
תורה צווה לנו משה מורשה,קהלת יעקב.
קרוב אלייך הדבר מאד בפיך ובלבבך לעשותו.
יגעתי ולא מצאתי - אל תאמין, לא יגעתי ומצאתי - אל תאמין, יגעתי ומצאתי - תאמין.
בכל דור ודור חייב אדם לראות עצמו כאילו הוא יצא ממצרים.
בראשית ברא ה' את השמים ואת הארץ.
שמע ישראל ה' אלוקינו ה' אחד.

מנותק sork

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עזרה במענה לשמאלני\ערבי בפורום
« להגיב #4 ב- : ינואר 28, 2009, 15:31:45 »
תודה אחי! תימצטת את זה בצורה מצויינת O0

מנותק נץ וגאה בזה

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  • Hierosolyma Victor
עזרה במענה לשמאלני\ערבי בפורום
« להגיב #5 ב- : ינואר 29, 2009, 18:22:43 »
My answer in short: The muslims (not "palastinians") in the Gaza strip should have been fed with Bio-engeneerd Anthrax and yellow fever.
« עריכה אחרונה: ינואר 29, 2009, 18:23:17 על ידי נץ וגאה בזה »
אלוף מיל. בני פלד ז"ל
"צאו החוצה וצלצלו בפעמון שנתן לי מפקד חיל הים. כשישאלו אתכם למה אתם מצלצלים, ענו שכאן מת יהודי משוגע, שחשב שהיהודים מסוגלים להקים מדינה-וטעה" מילותיו האחרונות לילדיו.

מנותק אחים באמת

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  • פתחו לי פתח כחודו של מחט...
    • האתר שלי
עזרה במענה לשמאלני\ערבי בפורום
« להגיב #6 ב- : ינואר 29, 2009, 18:31:56 »
My answer in short: The muslims (not "palastinians") in the Gaza strip should have been fed with Bio-engeneerd Anthrax and yellow fever.
אני בעד לתת את המרשם קודם לשונאי ישראל הבוגדים מבפנים

מנותק sork

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עזרה במענה לשמאלני\ערבי בפורום
« להגיב #7 ב- : פברואר 02, 2009, 19:52:34 »
אז לאחר שאני דן איתו כבר נראה לי שני עמודים בכל העניין הבחור לא מוותר למרות
שהוא ממשיך להגיד דברים שהוכחתי לו שהם לא נכונים פשוט במילים אחרות
אם תוכלו לענות לקטע הבא אני יודה לכם למה אני לא רוצה לצאת טמבל בזה שאני פשוט
יצא עליו למה כל שאר האנשים שרואים את הדיון...ויש המון יראו את זה בכך שאין לי יותר מה להגיד
וגם אני לא יודע את כל הפרטים המדויקים למה שהוא כתב לי
אז הנה מה שהוא כתב:

ALL PRAISES BE TO MOHAMMED THE LAST MESSAGER AN PROPHET OF ALLAH firstly the area now known as palestine as all ways been the home lands of the people of palestine an not the jewish nation the jewish nation as we all no were nomadic people who had no home land to call there own an every country they have come to rest in have had that country turned on them for reasons now the nation of israel has taken there home land to be israel but israel never exsisted to the british gave them that strip of land an the israeli people have exploted that invertation an have spread there claws further a field into non jews neighbourhoods at the time not thinking any one would do anything about it well it looks like there claws are getting clipped you can not take things that have never belonged to you with out some type of responce

Look sork i dont hate you or desire to hate you cos your a jew i hate what you beleive and promote most of which is arrant nonsense look you think im a gentile yeah i am but im not a goy because i have left the pack of blind zombies and have awaken spiritually i have studied and taken knowlege from people of knowlege about our history and religion and i have understood what many havent and probably never will about the jewish geneology and the zionist quest,yes i have read the protocols,and many other related books you talk of humanitarian military operations in gaza yet you have failed to disclose the white phosphorus bombs the idf aimed into a crowded school,you talk of islam and bolsheviks yet we all know bolshevism was a jewish conspiracy to otherthrow the czar you jews who have exploited the ignorance of the goyim for so long(and maybe they are goyim) are not guaranteed a permanent hedgemony of discourse for ever!Let us examine what israel is today and who were the original semitic 12 tribes of israel,in fact israel was the southern tribes was it not?the northern tribes were judah hence jews ,many jewish scholars have shown the tribes of israel dispersed and were almalgamated in persia,iberia,italia and anatolia even india and some ended up in europe hasdai ibn shaprut (sefardic jew)noted the khazars were converted jews under king joseph whose tribe were turkic not semitic like the sefardim many of the zionist jews today if not most are traced back to their caucascus roots and hence even by the geneology of the bible have never had roots in palestine so there it is the 13th tribe by arthur koestler(honest jew) is a good scource of info,anyway some people say hey peace and love man yeah great except i dont feel much peace and much love from these people who claim god gave them special priveliges to steal and oppress others and sork you insult the inteligence of many of us with your comments lets have an honest debate im not saying muslims are always right or dont do wrong but i dont have anything to hide nor does the quran or its messenger let us examine your talmud and your protocols and show us where we stand in your estimations,stop blaming religion and muslims for wars look all wars over the last 400 odd years have been waged by white europeans to colonise other peoples often using genocide what happened to the native american indians?aboriginies or latinised indians of south america under the banner of the cross and who always financed these ventures??same thing happening today but under different banners be it palestine or where ever.im not saying only i am right but some people talk about these weighty matters like its a joke knowing nothing of its reality .
Dont bother watching tv man most of it is negative propaganda most of it is controlled and scripted by jews who have hostile intent towards the non jew audience,even the internet is the next tool they wish to monopolise they cant stand it when films on you tube contradict their walt disney version of events.in fact other than for dvds and perhaps the occasional programme the tv is probably like letting your worst enemy in your home to mesmerise you and your family. Furthermore if you can get your kids out of the state schoolsystem where kids are turned into non thinking non intelectual lambs to the slaughter(the jews like to dictate a mediocre syllabus to the goyim)but wouldnt have their own children anywhere near it think about that for a moment!